Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Land of Desolation

I always get stir crazy on Sundays. John knows this and is often the recipient of my grumblings and/or martial arts kicks if we have to stay in the house for too long. So, when I suggest that we need to be "aired out" he usually quickly agrees. I actually learned that phrase from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. One was supposed to occasionally "air out" their baby. Our Sunday outings are usually short scenic drives that end in a park with trees. Today we drove somewhere in Bluffdale and ended up in Eagle Mountain. Wow, let me tell you I could never live in that community! There was NOTHING there! I had always pictured Eagle mountain as a quaint little country town with cute grocery stores, apple trees, and boutiques. I guess I've watched too many Gilmore Girls episodes with John. This was no Star's Hollow. We both felt that we had ended up at the end of civilization. We did end up stopping at a park before we headed home.

Suki's house in Star's Hollow, which is sadly only a Hollywood set

During our park walk we discussed a lot about where we ultimately would like to live and were a little dismayed by the fact that we don't really know. I can't do areas surrounded by flat dirt fields. I need water and trees. John said he can't do new suburbs. Then he suggested that we're possibly inner city people. "What?!?" I said, "You want to live in Compton?". John replies, " No, I mean like downtown.." In my mind downtown does not equal inner city. Inner city is more equivalent to ghetto.

So here are some areas we're curious about:
1. Denver, Colorado - because of family
2. San Diego, California - again because of family as well as the ocean
3. Oregon - the nature
4. Bellevue, Washington - nature and computer world
5. North Carolina - for the southern feel, minus the hurricanes
6. New York, NY - hmm, maybe not really. For the shopping?
7. Anywhere along the California coast.

I once asked John where he could live if he could live anywhere in the world. His answer was Santa Barbara, California. That was kind of weird because he's never actually been there.


sicktacoma said...

Great story, its true u cant live somewhere that you've never been. I think you should live in SD their is not another place better. Keep the blogs comeing.

Kris said...

Well tell John that MY Sunday drives growing up were to Santa Barbara every Sunday. Good choice. I could live there myself and be quite happy but very very very poor. It's about as pricey as it gets. With Oprah as your neighbor in Montecito, that's understandable.

But John has great taste!

We don't know where we want to be either...sigh.

holtkamp said...

my vote is san diego, or if not, somewhere close to where we end up. that will NOT be in utah!