Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

Labor Day was soo relaxing! Monkey bread, shopping, Latin Festival in Provo, and GELATO!
John made Amanda's Monkey bread recipe. He Loves anything with butterscotch or carmel.

John stayed home to read and play computer games. He considers shopping work and so I spared him the agony and went alone.Shopping was fun but crowded because of the early rainstorms.

Laura Mercier is my favorite make-up brand. I've actually only bought one lipstick besides this one in my whole life. The rest were Clinique free gift hand-me-downs from my mom.
New make-up brand I've fallen in love with is Bare Minerals. It lasts forever and looks super natural on. It's great when you only have 5 minutes to get it all on. I got the starter kit awhile ago and added the blush.
I treat myself to a couple of comfy teaching tops each season from Banana. I try not to look like a old batty science teacher.


Kris said...

You don't look like a batty old science teacher - you are the most stylish girl I know! When I come back as a skinny girl in my next life I am going to dress just like you! Happy shopping day! Dan hates it too and is brain washing the boys to think it's evil. Good thing I have Lauren!

Anne said...

I bet that top looks awesome on you! I can't imagine you looking like a batty old teacher, lol. I miss fall in Utah. I'm glad you guys are enjoying it!