Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Explanation of my Absence

This would be an absence of mind, absence of support, absence of phone calls, and physical absence. September has been insane. There have been singular weeks before that have been very busy, but for some reason I'm having these 3 weeks in a row that are packed with work duties and nightly meetings. This coming week will be the 3rd and last. I did run one day this week! John cooked dinner on Thursday so I could sneak in a quick, but much needed run after school and before my meeting that night. I am definitely a night owl, but much of the last two weeks I have passed out on the couch at or before 9:30pm just from exhaustion. That means a lot of disgusting mornings realizing that I have slept in my makeup and not brushed my teeth. I think I need to see the dentist soon and maybe an esthetician too. We also have a nightly chore of putting away the bunny. That includes feeding, watering, changing the litter and locking in the cage. John and I usually take turns and argue about whose turn it is. If you can't tell, this is not a chore either of us enjoy. Well, I haven't done it for a week. So to those of you who I have not called, back, emailed, or left a blog comment, I am very sorry. I will return to the land of the living on September 26th after parent teacher conferences are over. Until then . . .

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