Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Summer so far

I'm a man, and I can set up a tent. My uncle lent us this tent, and since he is a scoutmaster of 25 years, he made sure I knew how to set it up before he sent us off into the wilderness.
Yuck, newlyweds. Wait, they got married before we did... I guess we're yucky too. But we don't take pictures of our own yuckiness.
Melinda and her nieces made wishes at the San Diego Mission. I don't think any of them came true.
Twinkle Twinkle, little star, how I wonder what that thing is?

So, our July and August have been rather eventful. I think we sensed the oncoming doom(beginning of school), and so began a frantic effort to distract ourselves. First, we went camping in Hobble Creek Canyon. Melinda convinced herself we would be mauled by bears, and die a slow death, bleeding out. She didn't sleep well. I convinced myself that if we were mauled by bears, it would be quick. I slept great.

Then, we went to San Diego to spend time with Melinda's family. Everyone else in her family lives in San Diego, so there's always something going on there. We kind of miss out on all the hullaballoo, but enjoy never really being the center of it.

My family decided to cruise for their first family reunion in a long while(10 years?). None of us but our grandparents had been on cruises, so this was a surprise. It was a great time, with lots of activities and time spent with family.

Now that we're back, we've decided to paint our bedroom(you may remember our disastrous attempt to have it painted). We relied on my mother's expertise in colors, and chose a color called Polaris(by Ralph Lauren), and have painted 2 walls as of today. We were a little worried, because painting is like a big deal, but it's looking great. We are pretty sure we're slow painters, because it took us about 4 or 5 hours to paint those two walls with one coat of paint.
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Kris said...

See, painting isn't that bad!!

I wouldn't have slept either due to the bears Melinda. Dan would've slept like a log too!