Saturday, August 23, 2008


We both had a very full week of work. John's work has been slow for most of the summer, but it seems to get busy when school starts. I had meetings all week for school. I have tried to make it a goal to never stay too late at work, but I stayed later than I ever have this Friday making seating charts by hand. The program we use for our school grades, seating charts, and class roster hasn't let me log in for 3 days. So tedious especially right before school starts.

Due to our increased workload, we decided to be lazy this weekend. Friday: lots of pizza and root beer with a lame movie (Evening - don't ever see it!). Saturday: house chores, shopping for school supplies, and an awkward experience with a belly dancer at an Indian restaurant. Wait! I did run and strength train. That has to count for something. I ran in 86 degree weather and just about died.

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Kris said...

Cedars? Was that the place? Can't wait to hear all about it!!