Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes, we have friends

John and I usually get questions from both sides of the family if we have made any friends in our new neighborhood. I think they know we love our college and hometown friends, but may be anti-social in our newer surroundings. To answer their questions, yes! We realized today that we have many wonderful friends. Today Jimmy and Leah Rizer invited us to their home along with others for a Ward Missionary BBQ. We had yummy cheese burgers and strawberry salad and had fun watching all the cute kids run around. After watching John play with 1 year old Kali I've decided that when we have kids the first one needs to be a girl. It was also nice to realize that we are not the only people who talk about poo.


Amanda said...

i always believed in you guys. way to make friends :)

Kris said...

Of course you have friends! We'd have you over all the time but entertaining scares me. I should have you, John and Kari and Paul over to practice on!