Monday, July 7, 2008

Slug Hunt

The tiny herb garden has been doing pretty well lately. In fact, the plants may be big enough now that I can harvest the leaves and use them for cooking! Well, the other day I noticed some holes in the leaves of my basil and slime tracks in the soil. Gross! To solve the problem, John and I spent last night slug hunting and it was actually kind of fun in a sadistic sort of way. John held the flash light and I plucked up the slime balls with forceps. Then we drowned them in salt. I actually felt a little bad killing them. John says he was never the kind of kid that went and killed bugs. He sat fascinated watching with the flashlight as the slugs bubbled to their death.


Jody said...

Melinda, are you taking these pictures? They're amazing!

Melinda said...

No, sadly that picture of the slug was found on google images. One day though we'll have a nice camera and I'll learn to use it.

Kris said...

You can also put out a pie tin full of beer and they will crawl into it, and die a drunken death. Painless for you and everyone likes watching a drunk!