Friday, July 4, 2008

The Mori Clan

We've been gone for the last week or so at a family reunion. The location was Zion Ponderosa Resort. This was my family's first reunion in about 20 years. There were relatives from Washington D.C. all the way to Tokyo Japan. It was awesome!

On the way up to the resort, we passed by some 2-3 bedroom cabins and became a little frightened. I have a family of 7 and I couldn't imagine how we were all going to fit in one of those with our spouses and kids. What I nightmare! Well, we got our key and headed into this gated community in the mountains. Our "cabin" ended up being a very new, well decorated, and large house! Yay! It was actually a lot bigger and nicer than any of our homes, so we roughed it (haha!) the whole time.

View from the family room in our cabin.

Chatting in the living room.

My nieces loved playing with the cicadas.

A lot of time was spent chillin'. (My dad)

And finding refreshment at the pool.

John tried to avoid a sunburn, but then didn't put sunscreen on during a 2 hour hike in Zions . . . .

We hiked the Emerald Pools in the Park and it was HOT!

But we made it!

There was also horse riding.

John's horse was named Pepsi. Thaddy, my nephew, had to ride the mule.

I was obsessed with the owner's horse.

John was our computer expert for the whole event. He recorded the stories that were shared by my aunties and uncles.

We learned how my grandfather came to America to build railroads. He was injured in Ogden,UT and so he settled there. My grandparents met through an arranged marriage! I could never do that! She was 17 and he was 30.

Family Picture!


Jethro said...

Staci used to work at Zion Ponderosa. I picked her up from there the summer before we got married. It sure is pretty down there.

Melinda said...

That's cool! Yeah, I started to wish we could live there, if it weren't so hot. Hey, I didn't copy the bookmarks from the school laptop. Could you give me your family blog address again? THanks!

Jody said...

What? You can't imagine marrying a complete stranger 13 years your senior right out of high school? lol
That's a great story though.
Sounds like a really cool reunion. People came from Japan? That's an awesome reunion.

Kris said...

That is my kind of camping! 17 and 30!!!! Wow - I don't think I could do that either.

Matt said...

Hi. This is matt your long lost cousin who didn't get to go to the reunion -- bummer. The railroad? Seriously? I never knew that. Please distribute the fruits of John's labors when you get a chance. By the way I tried to forward you an email, but it came back undeliverable. Presumably you still have an email address for me, if not can you post your email address on my blog, and then I'll delete the comment so that it isn't floating out there for others to see. Thanks again for the family updates. I was really sad that we couldn't go to the reunion, but with gabe being 8 1/2 months pregnant, it just didn't seem like a good idea.