Friday, June 6, 2008

School is Out!

School is finally over! My last day was Wednesday and I've really been enjoying my full two days of summer so far. We had a yearbook signing on Tuesday and they made all teachers sit in the gym for crowd control. I had to man one of the back doors to make sure we didn't have any prison breaks. As I maneuvered my way through the globs of kids to sit at my post, I had a total middle school moment and wondered if no one wanted me to sign their yearbook. It was kind of funny to feel that again! I was relieved when my students (and strangely some 8th graders) came to form a line in front of me. What could have been a traumatic reliving of those awkward pre-teen years was a fun time for me to express my appreciation to my students and vice versa. The 2 hours actually went fast!

Well, many people have wondered what I'll be doing with my time off. Oh I've got a list!

1. Repaint the house with some color! I've been reading a lot of Domino, Blue Print, and Dwell lately.
2. Decorate and de-clutter the house. My decorating tastes range from modern minimalism to quirky vintage. Minimalism might be hard for us though. It means you have to be super clean!

3. Plant flowers and herbs in my pint sized garden. I actually love gardening and did it a lot as a child. I just hope I can handle the soil here. Lots of rocks. I was recently inspired by a lush photo shoot of an Italian garden by landscape designer Dan Pearson as well as the French outdoor rooms.

4. Take singing lessons (hopefully). I have a deep voice and if you've ever sat by me in church you KNOW that I should, but can't sing alto. John, on the other hand, has a beautiful voice that puts me to shame.
5. Train for a 5k. I ran varsity track in high school and I can totally train for a sprint but I've never done a race that was over 4o0 meters. Wish me luck. I did my first speed workout in a year on a track yesterday and felt pretty good. Then I woke up this morning completely sore! I'm trying to convince John to join me . . .
6. Family reunions: we have TWO this summer. This is a great occasion for both our families who never have really had such gatherings.
7. Hike! John and I love the outdoors! Thanks to my botany and biology classes it's fun for us to identify the local flora and fauna. I also like to take my insect net and catch butterflies!
And the list goes on.


Adrianna said...

Cool pictures! Those are really pretty and inspiring. Good luck with all of your goals this summer. I didn't know you were a gardener! I just bought my first plant not too long ago and am trying desperately hard not to kill it! :)

Amanda said...

i'm so excited for you to decorate your house... you could alternate between minimalism and vintage eclectiscismsldkfj (sorry, i gave up on the spelling)... I am thinking about sewing a dress this summer...would you like to join me and we can sew together..from far away?

Kris said...

Go get some magical mulch (ok, it's just organic compost) at that fun place I told you about - after you unload the piles of rocks, you'll get some great planting dirt!

And have fun decorating...I'm always so undecided on what I like, it's hard to stick to just one style.

Kris said...

Oh! Forgot to add that I remember that "yearbook signing" feeling all too well. It's peculiar to have those flashbacks as an adult, when you think you are so far past all that. But then there you are, 13 again! Hope you didn't get any "KIT"
or phone numbers! lol

John's blog makes me feel like my IQ has dropped 100 points. But I do have some great restaurant recommendations for you non-chain lovers!