Monday, June 23, 2008

My Love for Chuck, Jack, and all those funky ones in between

For anyone who knows me well, you have probably seen me with Chuck or Jack. The love affair started young, around the tender age of 12. Back in 6th grade, Chucks were all the rage. Everyone had a pair. They reminded me of Ronald McDonald, so even though my mom bought me a classic pair in white, I wore them all of 3 times and then reverted back to my comforting Keds, but I was never the same after that encounter.

A nearby skate store sold $10 showcase pairs of Vans which resembled the Converse Jack Purcell. Luckily, my feet stopped growing after 5th grade and the size they use to display shoes is 6 which was exactly my size. My most memorable pairs were a maroon/white couple as well as the infamous green velvet with tapestry edging. They went lovely with my baggy Guess? sweat shirt in 8th grade. I also dabbled with the One-Star a bit. The gay district in San Diego had a wonderful store called London Underground and I scored a pair of baby blue One Stars from their racks.

Then the dark ages dawned and I don't exactly remember what adorned my feet in those years. Perhaps a pair of yellow suede Espirit shoes (yes, do you remember that brand?). After all, that's what Kelly on Saved by the Bell wore. That period was somewhat of a regression.

Then the sun appeared again. I wanted to RIOT! I worshiped the punk band Rancid and fell in love with a boy. Both Tim Armstrong (lead singer of aforementioned band) and the boy sported red mohawks. Both Tim and the boy had bondage pants. Both Tim and the boy had Chucks. So I had Chucks once again. Black this time. Much more punk rock. Well, the fascination with the boy soon faded, but the fascination with the band has never completely left me.

College came and I toned down the punk somewhat, opting for what I considered the more feminine Jack. I even took Jack with me on my mission. That picture of me on CSP(Community Service Project) day cleaning trash on the side of the road and carrying cement on my head into the squatters also included Jack. I couldn't have done it without my Jack.

When I got back from my mission I had no money and no clothes or shoes to wear in the normal world. Back in the dusty confines of my closet I found the old white Chucks and on they went. I am still a size 6 which makes shopping at Nordstrom wonderful because display shoes are still size 6 as well! Those Chucks helped me out in another exciting phase of my life. They are the shoes I wore when I met John, my husband. I wore those all through our dating and engagement. I guess John didn't mind Chuck all that time. Near our wedding the soles finally wore holes in them and I had to part with white Chucks, faithful friend.

Now I'm with Chuck again. Black this time. Though they're old and dingy they have so many good stories in them. With these Chucks we visited NY York to see my brother-in-law Carl, San Diego to rumage through finger canyons, and the Krishna temple to witness a very messy Holi fest. This pair is dying fast, but I have my eye on a pair of off-white Jacks now. Chuck and Jack will always be there for me. Oh and you too John!

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Jody said...

Are you telling me that there is a LU in San Diego and I didn't know about it?! I'm bummed. My favorite sandals are LU, I bought them in my freshman year and still have them. That makes them 11 years. I didn't have the heart to throw them away, so I keep having them patched up, but the sad day will come I'm sure.