Saturday, June 21, 2008

Boots of My Dreams

I've been looking for the perfect pair of equestrian boots for awhile now. I even bought a pair in December from Banana, only to find that they were all for looks and terribly stiff and uncomfortable. Then, low and behold, in the middle of summer I find these! Beautiful! I love how the leather is worn in already. These would be great with a green tweed blazer and dark rinse jeans. I so enjoy the warmth and outdoors of summer, but I honestly prefer winter clothes. I don't know, they just seem a little more classy. When I showed them to John, he immediately looked at the price and there was a noticeable darkening of his brow. Hmm, well I do have a few months to begin saving.


Jody said...

I too am familiar with the darkening-of-the-brow look. Those look incredible comfy, though.

Kris said...

But you will have them forever - tell him they are an "investment piece" for your wardrobe!!