Friday, June 13, 2008

Adventures in Gardening

So, I went to the secret spot Kristen told me about and I loved it! They had a great selection of flowers and herbs (I didn't even know there was a plant called apple mint). The workers were also very helpful. After purchasing a few flowers I went back home to plant them. I started clearing a small area to plant my lavender, but on the first plunge of the shovel I hit something which sent a tremor up the shovel handle and up my arm. It kind of hurt. That was my first rock. The rest of that mini bed was filled with rocks! It took me about an hour to clear an area for just one plant! Here's a picture of my 3 gallon bucket of rocks. I should be a miner instead of a gardener. Today I'm going to Home Depot to get a 5 gallon bucket so that I can plant the rest of my flowers.

Giant bucket of rocks!

Where the rocks came from. This is after I dug them all out and added compost.

Beautiful plans for a butterfly garden.

John at dinner. He helped me a little.

I also forgot how much gardening can hurt one's back. The next day I had myself scheduled to do a speed workout at the track. I was a lot less motivated than usual to go because the prior day had taken its toll on my muscles. There are some things that make me miss my hometown and soil is now on that list.


Kris said...

Those rocks are a menace! But your butterfly garden is going to be so pretty when you are done!

Julie said...

yay gardening! your pics show quite a transformation.. it looks like all the hard work has paid off!