Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Terrace & Tara

Last night we had Italian food with the girls I used to live with in the ghetto apartment complex called the Terrace. Jen, Jp, Tara, Angelica (absent) and I all lived together sophmore and junior year while we were going to BYU. Tara now lives in Anchorage, ALASKA! I hear they have beautiful summers up there and maybe we need to plan some type of Alaskan nature cruise to visit our friend. It was good to catch up and it was pleasantly not completely like old times.


Kris said...

You finally took the blogging leap! You'll get addicted and start thinking that everything you do is blog worthy! Looks like a fun dinner - I haven't seen my roommates in ages.

angie said...
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angie said...

AWESOME! Wish I could've been there to represent "the upstairs Terrace neighbor."