Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back Home to Sunny San Diego

Today we're headed to San Diego for my little sister's wedding. Shel and Andre have been together for 10 years! That's amazing! Andre is already like a younger brother to me and it just seems right to have him as an official member of the family. Michelle and I were each other's best friend and playmate growing up. We shared a room until I got to middle school and I had the pleasure of leading the majority of our My Little Pony and dinosaur games. We'll post pictures from John's birthday party and the wedding weekend when we get back.


Kris said...

Have a wonderful time! I am such a wedding addict - I love them! Can't wait to see pictures!

Amanda said...

i miss you guys. i hope the wedding went well!! and john's birthday ( i wish we could have been there). love you lots.

Jody said...

wow, they finally tied the knot, huh? they seemed so young when i first met them. or maybe i'm just getting really old. . anyway, i'm happy for them and wish them the best melinda!!!