Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sunday Walks: Trail by Utah Lake

Antsy from sitting around too long on Sundays? Me? Never! HA! I convinced John to go with me on a longer than usual nature walk since my birthday landed on a Sunday. There were big plans to go looking for barn owls and chukar in an area south of Utah Lake. I was so excited! Have you ever heard a chukar before? Don't worry, I haven't either, but that's why I really wanted to go. Hopes were dashed when we realized halfway down the mountain view corridor that we didn't have much gas.

John, resourceful as always, found a closer trail at the north end of the lake where we happily walked and chatted about books. And found dead things.


Long horn cattle.

Someone had set these bones up creepily . . .

right next to this rotting calf that we stumbled across in a thicket of trees. It smelled really bad! 

"I will consult the bones!" - Willow

This was my second outing with the Fuji x100t. I think it went a little bit better this time. Practice makes perfect. I can't wait to try it out in Japan!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthday Tea Party

I went out for a birthday tea party with Jen and Angelica at the Grand America back in March. I think every girl probably has a childhood dream of having a real English tea with cucumber sandwiches, clotted cream, and scones. It was so fun to have that wish fulfilled and feel fancy and lady-like for a day.

Started the week off with a birthday package from my sister.

I was using my new Fuji x100t which I got for the sole purpose of its easy purse portability and manual controls. It's way better than using my cell phone. I highly recommend it! It's no full frame camera and it's obviously not a Leica, but it will do for places and situations where I don't feel like lugging around something large. It was my first time taking it out and I forgot to change a few settings so some of these are a little off. Oops! I'm glad that it captured the fun moments though. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Michelle's Baby Shower

I forgot to write something when I first posted this! In the beginning of March I left John at home for a weekend and flew to San Diego to help throw and celebrate Michelle's baby shower.  Lisa and Claire (and Greg) decorated and hosted and my mom and I helped prepare the food. We started off with pedicures at Tiffany's and then headed to Lisa's home for lunch and presents. Andre's mom and aunt were able to come and it was fun to celebrate as a family. We're all very excited for this little boy! He will be the first baby in our family for 14 years! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Valentine's Day at The Blue Boar Inn

Thanks to our sweet family, John and I had the opportunity to spend our Valentine's Day in Midway at the Blue Boar Inn.  We'd been to the Blue Boar before, but just for breakfast, and didn't even realize that there were rooms to stay in.  The whole place had a really cozy, cottage ambiance and it felt like we were staying in a European bed and breakfast. We had a delicious dinner, watched the movie Chef in front of the fireplace, and relaxed. The weather was unseasonably warm so we also got ice cream from the Heber Valley Milk and Artisanal Cheese Creamery. I had the lemon custard.  It was the perfect getaway for the middle of the school year!

An outing just wouldn't be complete without coming across a dead animal.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hot Springs Walk

Another Sunday walk, this time around the Saratoga/Lehi hot springs. It was really muddy and boggy and luckily we wore the right shoes.  As we were approaching the hot springs we could hear two people talking and splashing around the water. When we turned the corner their German Shepard broke off it's leash and charged at us. John just stood there and I thought, "He's going to let it kill me! I'm going to get mauled!" You always picture the man jumping in front of the woman to save her, right? Well, that's not what happened this time! John claims he was trying to stay still he didn't excite or challenge the dog. I'll try to believe that's the truth. The owner, who fortunately wasn't nude, ran after his pet and eventually got it back under control as it was growling and barking at us.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Golden Birthday

We attended Brent and Tessa Holtkamp's Golden Birthday!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Return of Sunday Walks

I think life has gotten steadily crazier for us since the new year began. Signs include less reading, fewer pictures being taken, not as many hangouts with friends and family as we'd like, more grading on the weekends, and crashing out on the couch without making it up the bed. We're trying our best to stay afloat.  Church starting earlier has given us a few Sundays after meetings when the sun is still up where we've been able to take in the fresh air. I'm hoping to keep this going as a regular occurrence, even if it's just once a month.