Monday, August 27, 2018

Grass, Waffles, and Friends

We've been working on establishing some new routines since moving. Around the time we started moving Charlotte dropped her second nap and for awhile was switching between sleeping in the AM and PM for her one nap. I think she's finally settled on a consistent time so I can plan a little better for our schedule each day. Last week we tried to go out each morning (parks, splash pad, Thanksgiving Point, walks, etc.) come home for Charlotte to nap, and then chill at home once she woke up. It worked out pretty well except for a couple days when the construction on the street became particularly loud and there were no naps and we were both going crazy.  Thankfully the dropping of large boulders into metal truck beds has ended and now it's just regular building noises which she has been able to sleep though decently.

The Nashes came into town on a short trip for a funeral (sad occasion) but were able to hang out with us Saturday morning. John showed off his breakfast skills and we had Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries and cream and candied bacon.  Afterwards the older boys watched Avatar the Last Airbender on the couch while Charlotte and Elliot chased each other around the house. We miss John and Angelica and can't wait for the day the move back to Utah. 

There were also some house improvements going on that day. The sod was laid and we're excited to be able to run on it and read books in the grass once the 2-3 week establishment period is over.  We also finally got an electrician to put up our unapproved over-tub pendant. Hopefully no one will get electrocuted.

Friday, August 24, 2018

New House, New City, and Trying to Find New Routines

It's been 8 months since I last wrote a post. I'm under a year so it's all good, right? Andre reminded me today that I haven't written in awhile and I tried to think of a good excuse. In my mind my retort was that I've been recording things regularly on paper, or through Instagram or the journaling app that I downloaded and wrote in a grand total of three times, but they were all not true. So, at least for Michelle, Andre, and myself, I might try to be better about posting here because I'm realizing that if I don't, I'm not recording much from my life right now. 

Also, I feel rusty from not writing much of anything lately. Since I was released from my teaching calling at church a month before we moved and now that I'm not teaching middle school and writing lessons and emails daily, I haven't had much of a chance to compose anything. You'll have to read this and future posts for awhile with a forgiving eye.

We moved in July to the house we've been building with Millhaven Homes for a year. We love the space and that we don't have to keep the TV on low volume or worry about taking out our trash cans too early or too late in the day for fear of waking up the whole street. We're not completely finished unpacking but it's slowly starting to feel like a real home.  Landscaping is underway and we're looking forward to not tracking in so much dirt and having a place outside for Charlotte to run around.  

I've been exploring the area and surrounding communities to see what kid friendly things are available for Charlotte. There aren't any parks within decent walking distance so we drive around more, but there's also a nice long (17 mile) bike trail that runs in front of our neighborhood so we also walk a lot more. 

Nights have been spent unpacking and taking boxes out to the garage. We've also been reviewing our budget a lot and crunching numbers to makes sure things are good with all our moving expenses.  All in all it's been a little disorienting but I feel like we're slowly settling in.

Saying goodbye to the old townhouse.

New kitchen.  It's actually never this clean.

Exploring new parks.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Michelle's Shower for Baby Emmett

During the week of Thanksgiving my sister Lisa, my mom, and I threw a little family baby shower for my sister Michelle. We had brunch at Le Parfait Paris, a super cute French cafe in Downtown San Diego.  The food, especially the desserts, were excellent and Lisa did such a good job of decorating to match the theme of the restaurant.

I'm writing this a late so Emmett actually arrived yesterday at 5am! We're going to go see him in a month but for now I'll have to satisfy myself by looking at the pictures Andre has sent me.

The guest of honor.

One of the shower games was matching ways to say I love you in different languages.

Friday, January 12, 2018


November went by in a blur. I've heard people say that as a stay-at-home parent the hours are long but the weeks fly by, and I've found that to be very true. Most of my days are spent between entertaining Charlotte (she's easily bored and loves attention, especially from strangers), keeping our house livable, going to contractor meeting for the house we're building, and working on my Sunday School lessons.  Life has a good pace right now.

Our average days were spent here a lot, playing on the floor. 

Park stalker. 

I went to visit my old school and fellow teachers for the annual Mountain Man Day. It's one of my favorite activities! I used to be in charge of the marshmallow shooting range and would play Hill Billy music for the kids.

Apparently someone wasn't happy about the visit ;)

The picture where we realized how much Charlotte looks like me (besides the eyes). 

Cold walks outside now require the Snozu snowsuit.
Charlotte and I visited the Harry Potter Themed center of South Towne Mall, which was actually kind of lame. At least it got us out of the house. John said my pictures made it look cooler than it actually was. We just need to go to the real one in Florida one day.

Visit to our empty lot.  One day Charlotte can look back once everything is developed and see what it used to look like. I always wish I had pictures like this before my childhood house was built.

John's holiday work party at the Provo convention center. Bamboo HR always has theirs early in the season. This was also the night we had our first non-family member babysitter.

Turns out most Mormons don't know how to gamble (including myself) so they set up a bingo room that was very full! John found out he was pretty decent at poker which we think might come from playing bridge.

We met up with Rick and Carissa at Leatherby's. Their little boy is arriving in March and we're so excited for them!

Fall walks along the Jordan River before it got too cold.

Early 5pm dinner at Pizzeria 712 means we almost had the whole place to ourselves.

Post-bath baby Pope.