Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jen and Dave

We had a blast taking family pictures with Jen, Dave, Brent, and Tessa. We bought a couple of toys this month to help us get toddler attention. They've turned out to be a blessing and a curse! At first the kids like them, but then they want to play with them and all is lost! Haha! Brent kept on calling the squeaky elephant mini-Sophie because it looks similar to that vintage giraffe that everyone has. After pictures we tried out a new to us Salvadorian restaurant for pupusas and platanos fritos.  I think I need to keep a store of pupusas on hand at all times because they're the perfect snack!



Monday, November 3, 2014

John and Angelica

This had to be the easiest location shoot ever! We took these in John's parent's yard, which is gorgeous and provides a lovely natural backdrop. John knew all the spots that had the most colorful foliage so it made things quick and simple. We were even treated to a home cooked meal of pulled pork salads and apple pie afterwards. The Nashes know how to cook and do it well!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

On Routines

Lately, our lives have fallen into some predictable but full routines.

Weekdays: work, exercise, cook, shower, clean-up, grade sometimes, pass out; Wednesdays all the other stuff + mutual. I realize that we could cut out cooking, but we try and cook every night on the weekend because 1) It saves money 2) It's healthier 3) We rely on our leftovers for lunch the next day at work and  4) This area doesn't have the greatest variety in tasty take-out. 

Weekends: laundry, clean everything because we don't get around to it during the week, grade, shoot family pictures, edit family pictures at night.

Sundays: meeting, meeting, church, sometimes another meeting, cook (but let's be honest, with church out at 4 we're usually scrounging up leftover pizza), clean up, call families

This fall we've booked up our weekends with family photo shoots. It's been fun but obviously also work. We're still learning how to balance photography with the other things we want to do. Sometimes I miss our slightly adventurous weekends of the past where we would drive up the canyons, go on nature explorations, and discover new small towns and nooks and crannies in the area.

I had a day off on Friday and John took the day off as well. It was like old times! We found that Halloween day was pleasantly uncrowded just about everywhere. We had eggs Benedict and pumpkin pancakes for breakfast at a favorite restaurant, drove to La Caille to spot baby bunnies and peacocks, and took a short hike up Little Cottonwood canyon.

Once home I took the longest hibernation nap in the world. We also tried to be nostalgic and watch Monster Squad but switched over to Devil after 15 minutes. In my mind the first movie was good as I remembered it as a kid, so I kept telling John, "It's like Goonies!" but it just wasn't. The second wasn't so great either. I kept expecting the police officer to turn into Danny Castelano. Once it got dark we dumped our candy into the neighbor's "Take One We're Watching!" bowl and went out for a dinner of stone bowl bibimbap at Korean House with coconut sticky rice gelato in Sugar House afterwards. We got a glimpse of the shadow cast for the Rocky Horror Picture Show outside the Tower Theater and with that fitting end called it a night. It was an introvert's Halloween dream.
Displaying IMG_20141031_123420.jpg
John's phone pic of the hike. I'm still un-sure of this vest. It had a Yohji Yamamoto vibe to it with the asymmetrical funnel neck on the hanger and it's down = warm, but maybe too camo colored marshmallow?

Duckworth Family

Shea's family was in town for her brother's wedding in October. They asked us to do some family pictures for them and we headed over to Wheeler Farm among the tractor rides and Halloween activities and shot away! It was so fun to get to know Shea's family and to see their relationships with one another.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Banks Family

The Banks are a very sweet family in our ward and Greg is actually our Bishop! I owed Shea a free family photo session from a service auction we had back in the summer and fall was the perfect time to redeem it.  If you're wondering what I got, I saved all my points for a home cooked meal because when you both work it feels like you need a stay at home mom at times! Haha! Ironically, the person who made our meal is also a teacher, so I felt a little sheepish about that, but she does teach CTE and a foods class.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jed and Tanei

I love this family and I especially love these two little girls! I think it's probably because Nohea and Mei remind me of myself and my little sister when we were younger. They like drawing dragons and unicorns. They like shows about animals.  Tanei invited me over to their home after pictures and dinner and even the way these two sisters played their acorn cake baking game (the older leading out in the story play and the younger being a little feisty about it) made me feel like I was watching a scene from my childhood.