Friday, January 12, 2018


November went by in a blur. I've heard people say that as a stay-at-home parent the hours are long but the weeks fly by, and I've found that to be very true. Most of my days are spent between entertaining Charlotte (she's easily bored and loves attention, especially from strangers), keeping our house livable, going to contractor meeting for the house we're building, and working on my Sunday School lessons.  Life has a good pace right now.

Our average days were spent here a lot, playing on the floor. 

Park stalker. 

I went to visit my old school and fellow teachers for the annual Mountain Man Day. It's one of my favorite activities! I used to be in charge of the marshmallow shooting range and would play Hill Billy music for the kids.

Apparently someone wasn't happy about the visit ;)

The picture where we realized how much Charlotte looks like me (besides the eyes). 

Cold walks outside now require the Snozu snowsuit.
Charlotte and I visited the Harry Potter Themed center of South Towne Mall, which was actually kind of lame. At least it got us out of the house. John said my pictures made it look cooler than it actually was. We just need to go to the real one in Florida one day.

Visit to our empty lot.  One day Charlotte can look back once everything is developed and see what it used to look like. I always wish I had pictures like this before my childhood house was built.

John's holiday work party at the Provo convention center. Bamboo HR always has theirs early in the season. This was also the night we had our first non-family member babysitter.

Turns out most Mormons don't know how to gamble (including myself) so they set up a bingo room that was very full! John found out he was pretty decent at poker which we think might come from playing bridge.

We met up with Rick and Carissa at Leatherby's. Their little boy is arriving in March and we're so excited for them!

Fall walks along the Jordan River before it got too cold.

Early 5pm dinner at Pizzeria 712 means we almost had the whole place to ourselves.

Post-bath baby Pope.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pumpkin Patch and a Pink Dinosaur

My friend JP invited us out to a pumpkin patch at Pedersen's Farm with her and her family. Even though it's really close to our house, I was glad she asked us to go because we hadn't done anything that was festive for fall or Halloween and wouldn't have gone otherwise.

I always imagined that once I wasn't working and staying at home with kids that I'd have all this time to do the fun things I felt like I missed out on when working. Turns out that's not quite true yet. Maybe when Charlotte is older we'll be able to take her out to do more activities, but as a baby by the time we she's changed, fed, and dressed, she doesn't last very long before she needs to go back to sleep and lasts about an hour out before she's done with it. I did finally decided to buy an aquarium pass for this winter so we'd have somewhere with more space to go when the weather is cold.  It's been great because it's close by and gives me an interesting place to go walking and not freeze. It also has a nice indoor play place where she can now crawl around.  Now I just need to find someone else that wants to go with us for company!

Playing in the corn pit with Eva.

We decided that Charlotte was definitely too little to trick-o-treat this year so instead I took her to John's office to hang out and people watch during the company trick-o-treating. Afterwards we ate Korean at Sam Hawk down in Provo.

Charlotte didn't actually eat any candy but she liked to chew on the packages because they made crinkly noises.  The only thing about Halloween costumes for the babies is that you basically only use them for an hour and then you're done. The same goes for blessing clothes, Christmas outfits, etc. Such a waste of money. Good thing this one was cheap.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hawaii 6: Last Day

On our last day we checked out of our condo at 11am and had the rest of the day to wander because our flight home was a red-eye.  We picked up some gifts at  Whalers Village, took a quick walk down Front Street, and then stopped by the Buddhist temple where my grandparents' urns are kept. The rest of these pictures are all from my phone.

Urn House.

Later in the afternoon we drove over to the other side of the island and had visited with my Uncle Mike.  He showed us his home and the addition that was built where he keeps his microscopes and data from the reserve where he used to work.  We had dinner at a nearby Japanese restaurant and then took off to the airport. Charlotte was a champ and did really well on the flights back. She slept the whole time except for take-off, the beverage service, and landing. 

Charlotte loves her grandpa! I can't ever get her to fall asleep on me like this! 

Unfortunately (fortunately?) Charlotte likes screens. We don't really let her watch anything at home accept for two Aladdin videos on youtube once in awhile. She goes crazy of the Prince Ali song for some reason. Charlotte didn't watch anything on the return flights since she was sleeping, but on the way there John estimates he watched Cars 3, or at least restarted watching it, six different times without sound.

Hawaii 5: Exploring the Wild

John and I both really like to get out in nature when we travel and this time John especially was feeling like he wanted to see some areas that weren't as developed on the island. We drove the road to Hana on our last trip here and knew that it would probably be a terrible idea with a baby. Instead we drove along the much closer North East shore of the island to the Nakalele Blowhole and some surrounding outlooks and beaches. 

I wanted to explore more around the Acid War Zone rock formations to the left, but Charlotte was getting pretty fussy at the point we hiked down to this point. It was overcast and really humid and John was pouring sweat so I couldn't blame her for not feeling that into it. 

We stopped at a small beach where my grandpa once took us when we were little.  Back then I remember finding a Portuguese man-o-war and passion fruit that we ate.

Later that day we went to visit relatives and dropped by my great auntie Umiko's house. She's 98 now.  This is her wedding picture that I snapped using the google scan app.