Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Rest of February

Most of this month was just hanging on in there. I had student teacher conferences that month. We tested out the new baby monitor by putting it in the office room and using it to spy on the bunny. We didn't really celebrate Valentine's Day because I had bad acid reflux and didn't want to waste a good meal by throwing it up. We keep telling ourselves that we'll make up our Valentine's and our birthday celebrations later this year since we didn't do anything for any of those occasions, but we haven't had a chance yet.  Hopefully we can do something later this summer when my parents come to visit.

32 wks
33 wks.

34 wks.
35 wks.

Nest Cam spying on John and Jasmine.

Chocolate covered strawberries that I requested from John for Valentine's Day.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Mori Family and Friends Baby Shower

My sisters and mom were so sweet to throw me a baby shower in San Diego! They all have impeccable taste and so everything from the food to the decorations was super cute and well thought out. It was really special to be able to be surrounded by people who have been close to me since childhood. Everyone who came was family to me and they were all extremely happy for us to be welcoming Charlotte to the world. I regret that I didn't get a picture of everyone that was there!

Jen came all the way from Chino Hills. Thanks for making the long drive Jen! 

Lisa planned the decorations, appetizers, and take home favors. It was so thoughtful of her to put together this delicious cheese plate that was all pregnancy safe!

Michelle planned the games. We all got a little competitive with the baby animal one. Do you know what baby animal a cria is?

February San Diego Trip

At the beginning of February John and I went to San Diego for a baby shower my family was throwing for me. It was a short three day visit, but it's always so nice to spend time with family and also so nice to escape the cold, polluted Utah winters.

My parents backyard. I wish Utah had green winters! 

Cement from when the house was first built.

Roses from my parents garden in February! They smell amazing!

Obligatory Mitsuwa visit. They had a special stand set up selling dorayaki. 

I have yet to try the crepes here, but when I do I'm sure I won't be getting those top two flavors!

Ollie playing with Leah's bird Gingko.

That smile! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ward Baby Shower

Throughout my entire pregnancy I felt so much support from the people around us.  I think most of them knew of our long struggle with infertility and were excited to celebrate Charlotte's arrival.  I ended up having several baby showers. I was a little embarrassed about this because I'm not one that likes to be the center of attention, but I was very grateful for the outpouring of love that was shown.

The first shower was one that was put on by the sisters in my ward. Holly King and Kristen Olsen were so sweet to host and it ended up being almost like a "This is Your Life" moment when I was able to see old friends, ward members, and neighbors.

I am hesitant to post these pictures because my face looks super swollen to me. I hadn't been exercising that week and I felt like anytime I stopped that would happen, but I'll shove vanity aside in appreciation and documentation.

Trying out Shabu-Shabu in Utah

I was really craving red meat in January so John and I decided to try out Ginza Shabu-Shabu in Sandy so I could eat some Kobe beef! The beef was good but they were skimpy with the vegetables. Another thing that was weird was that the pots were heated with sterno instead of being electric. This made it so it smelled weird in the restaurant which, in my opinion, definitely messes with one's palate. I did like that one of the broth options was a tonkotsu one which is richer and creamier than the traditional shabu base. My brother-in-law, Andre, strongly dislikes all shabu-shabu places and any type of restaurant where you cook your own food, but I think they're fun!

January Happenings

Like I said before, the third trimester was probably the roughest for me so there weren't a lot of good pictures taken with my nicer cameras. These are all off of my phone.

New Years Party hosted by Carl and CK. I ended up getting pretty sick of this dress and all other dresses worn on repeat during that third trimester.  27 weeks.

Giant check from the STEM grant I helped write for a DNA gel electrophoresis set up for our biology and 7th grade science departments. Mention the word stem in a grant write-up and everyone will want to give you money ;)

Bump pics from that month:

30 weeks

The one non-workout bump picture. 31 weeks.

Monday, June 12, 2017

December Happenings

December was kind of a blur. School, as always, was super crazy because we do the Diamondback Giveback charity drive and I'm always trying to finish teaching and assessing the unit on cells before the Winter Break so the kids don't forget everything and fail. I was also looking for a long term substitute at the time (and failing to find one and freaking out!) and writing detailed lesson plans for my maternity leave. Then there were the usual Christmas preparations including gift shopping. Add pregnancy on top of it all and I was really ready for that break!

6 months pregnant. I wasn't really good about taking bump pictures. The only moment I felt like I had time that was regular was when I worked out so I kind of look gross in all of them!

A sweet gift from my principal, Rodney Shaw, to congratulate us on our pregnancy.

The annual Diamondback Giveback Award assembly were, if the students meet their can food point and money goals we, the teachers, make fools of ourselves. Some of the teachers have actual talents and perform them as well. I opted out this year.

I took family pictures for the Knowles family. They are the best! I taught both Becca and Ben when they were 7th graders.

The Rest of the Trip

The rest of the San Diego Christmas trip:

  • Took graduation pictures for Claire at Balboa park 

  • Played Bonanza (the bean game) with Shel and Andre. John won and we all want a rematch. We're not that family that plays board games all the time, so if it ever happens it's kind of a thing. We used to play Scrabble at the holidays, and then it was Lord of the Rings Monopoly. We still need to find some people willing to play John's Game of Thrones game with us! 
  • Did the usual Japanese store run: Mitsuwa, Marukai, Daiso. I have to stock up on my Asian things. The girls also introduced me to 85 degrees Bakery Cafe which reminds me of the French Bakeries in Tokyo. You heard me right, Japan has really good bakeries! 

  • Took a lot of walks. Since I was pregnant I was trying to get my exercise in as best I could. I'd listen to my hypnobirthing Rainbow Relaxation track while I was out. Feel free to laugh about that. Luckily Christmas Card Lane was set up so the walks were entertaining.