Monday, October 13, 2014

Banks Family

The Banks are a very sweet family in our ward and Greg is actually our Bishop! I owed Shea a free family photo session from a service auction we had back in the summer and fall was the perfect time to redeem it.  If you're wondering what I got, I saved all my points for a home cooked meal because when you both work it feels like you need a stay at home mom at times! Haha! Ironically, the person who made our meal is also a teacher, so I felt a little sheepish about that, but she does teach CTE and a foods class.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jed and Tanei

I love this family and I especially love these two little girls! I think it's probably because Nohea and Mei remind me of myself and my little sister when we were younger. They like drawing dragons and unicorns. They like shows about animals.  Tanei invited me over to their home after pictures and dinner and even the way these two sisters played their acorn cake baking game (the older leading out in the story play and the younger being a little feisty about it) made me feel like I was watching a scene from my childhood.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Katie & Brandon's Wedding - Golden, CO

Over the weekend we made a short trip to Colorado for John's cousin's wedding. I must say that Katie, Lisa, and Brian sure know how to throw a party! The wedding and the reception were elegant and the bride looked like a royal (a la Kate Middleton). Again, my variety of pictures wasn't great. John is always worried that I'll get in the way of those paid to take the pictures. I did end up chatting with the photographer, Sara Hasstedt, when I noticed her Contax 645. Turns out we share a love of film and an admiration for Jonathan Canlas.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Avril's Blessing

We attended a blessing for our niece Avril a couple of weeks ago at the Woolley home. John's parents came to Salt Lake for the occasion so we got to spend some time with them in the week prior. Mary made a lovely spread of food for the blessing including a dessert with fresh Utah peaches from the Woolley's yard.  My one regret is that I didn't get any pictures of CK with her baby! I just snapped a few quickly as everyone was arriving. I never know if it's appropriate to take pictures at these types of things but I figure that at least the parents will be happy for them later. I think a family photo session with the Carl and CK clan is in order to make up for it! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Austin Open House

Christy and I have worked together for 6 years now! She teaches Utah Studies in the pod above mine and was hired the year after I was. Even though the majority of us get a little tired after managing 200 + kids each day, Christy is truly one of the sweetest people I know and is always asking others how they're doing and giving compliments to uplift our spirits. She had her wedding and main reception down in her hometown of Ephraim and asked me to take a few photographs for her Salt Lake open house.

My trusty assistant.

I got to see a lot of familiar faces from school. It was like a mini Fort Herriman Reunion!

I had to get a picture with Lauren before the night was over!

This was actually the first indoor event I've ever been asked to photograph. I had to rent a Speedlite and some parts were definitely an adventure but John was a helpful assistant and it was nice to be surrounded by friends.