Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Spring 2019

Spring is a much better season for me. You see the sun more often, the snow starts to melt, and you can start going outside without a heavy coat. This March we had my birthday and Charlotte's birthday back-to-back, a house warming party, and Michelle, Andre, and their boys came to visit us.


Lots of hanging around the house waiting for it to get warm so we could play outside.

We finally had our housewarming party! It was so nice to see friends and family. We had around 120 people attend and it was fun to see that our house could hold that many people! 

Friends for The Fort :) 
A few screen shots from the video our realtor took.

My Dad was in town for work and was able to come to our party. Charlotte loves him and definitely appreciate having another playmate around.

I didn't get any good pictures from my birthday. John gave me a shopping day and he stayed home with Charlotte. At night we went out to eat at The Block and had their caramel corn panacotta for dessert.

I found out I was pregnant the month before so shopping wasn't as exciting as it normally would have been. I spent most of my time looking for normal clothes that would work during the first few months as maternity clothes.

Charlotte's 2nd birthday was the day after mine. We took her to the Discovery Children's Museum, Chuck-a-rama for dinner (weird I know, but there's a good variety of things she can eat there), and blew out candles on a birthday cupcake.

She loves singing happy birthday and started singing it herself a few time that night.


I got together with my old teaching teammates Lauren and Tiff for afternoon tea at Taste in Provo. I miss seeing these two each day and exchanging the funny stories we'd have about our students.

As part of my calling as the 2nd counselor in Relief Society I helped plan and put together the RS Anniversary Activity.

John and I had a cheese and chocolate tasting date night at Taste. It was so fun! John enjoyed the cheese tasting the most.

Easter with Charlotte's new Easter dress. Carl hosted for Easter dinner and our nephew Matthew joined us from BYU.

It finally got warm enough to start playing outside! It probably wasn't actually warm enough for swimming but Charlotte was very eager to get out.

Another teaching friend, Clark Ripplinger, came into town to celebrate his graduation from his PhD program. It was a mini Fort Herriman teacher reunion.

I remember feeling so pregnant here that I was sure everyone would be able to tell. Haha! Not even close. 


Even though I attended BYU for 5 years and have a lived in Utah for the whole 13 years of our marriage, I had never been to the lookout at Squaw Peak.  We used to giggle about it being an make-out spot when I first arrived as a freshman in college. John finally took me there (not to make out) and we enjoyed the view with the lovely weather. 

We got to have Emerson Gigger over to play a couple of times which Charlotte loved. It was also great practice for having a little brother.

John turned 40 this year! We were going to have a big celebration but that kind of fell through the cracks. Maybe we'll have to revisit that idea in a year (or ten).

Michelle, Andre, and the boys came to visit us in Utah! We had a fun schedule of visiting the cat cafe, going up to the dinosaur park in Ogden for the first time, and visiting the aquarium.  Charlotte loved having her cousins around! 

We said goodby to Grandma Dolores in May.  After the funeral all the LeSueur cousins and aunts and uncles gathered at T Street Beach in her honor, which was fitting since she and Grandpa would always take a walk there in the morning.